Friday, June 10, 2011

The Best Container for Garlic

Garlic is so common in different receipea and I like to add it to different plates I cook but the humidity of the house does not allow to conserve it. Even if I buy not many pieces -there are only 3-5 of them in the nets the supermarkets offer, I do not use them in short time. Imagine that I threw at least half of bulbets I bought before.

But one day i found the solution.
My husband wanted to taste the cocco nuts. He bought 3 of them, and 2 finished in the rubbish after we dank the milk and ate the pulp. One of them remained in the kitchen and I put their garlic for joke. After some time I noticed that the bulb was not molding. It was interesting. I decided to experiment with it. Even in the most wet period, garlics in the cocco nut remained good, without mould. So, I continue to use it till today.

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