Thursday, June 16, 2011

Marvelous Dance Technique

One of my "social networking" friends is a kind of journalists writing about fashion, and he published many photos of models in the last period that present the creations of the most important Houses. I noticed that most fotos are ...terrible. The girls are similar to the protagonists of the horror pictures and movies. And they have strange postures, too. If you forget the image of Dracula for a moment -when you look at these girls- you can think that -probably- the photograph wanted to represent a street girl this way. (I don't know, why they imagine street girls with curve legs...)

For evident reasons, I can't add the photos here but it's enough that you open any magazine.

Now, here is an other example but of great art. The artists want to represent the street girl and boy, too. But this is really ART. What level of dance technique! I could not tear my eyes from their movements and was afraid to lose a pas.
Well, music is good, too. Hope you will enjoy it so as I did.

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