Friday, June 03, 2011

Two Species of Cherries

As always, May was dedicated to picking up cherries here. Tomorrow, we have the last day, I hope. But this time we will not pick them up personally. We have not long enough ladder, and I am afraid to climb the ladder so high. So, my husband called gatherers for tomorrow.

The early cherries (trees) are very different from these late species (that will be picked up tomorrow, I mean). They are high, too. But they have many branches, and these braches are strong enough to pull them. We have long metal hooks, and it's relatively sure to stay on the tree even in the top of the cherry. Fortunatelly, we have not old trees more, only young, that are not very high, about 10 meters.

When you see the tree of the late cherry you did not believe that it's the same species. These trees are very high just when they are young, and their branches are so that you can't climb in the top. The main problem is that the fruits grow on the top of the branches. That is why you absolutely need high ledders to reach the fruits. And I'm afraid to climb the ledders, confess. I'm not afraid to climb the trees. You will not believe me but the trees protect you when you climb them (with respect). When you are on the ledder nobody protects you -and if the God is too busy...

Now, WHY we have these dangerous cherries that we even can't climb? It's easy: for their fruits. This species has very big and incredibly sweet fruits. They are 2 and 4 times bigger than early cherries. They have very compact pulp, too. It's a marvel of cherries. On my photo are two fruits and the late has normal measure, it's not the big. The big, they are 2 times larger than this on the photo. Unfortunatelly, I did not photograf them, but I think, you can just understand the difference.

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