Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Energy of the Wind

As a last fighter in the middle of the battle field stands this pole with propeller on the hill. And it seems to me, the clouds will touch it, envelop in their hostile wreaths... Who is that, in the middle, that clear light of Black Magic?
Энергия Ветра

Well, don't be afraid, I do not want to create a horror story. I simply like this very special photo.

We had to pass Apennines region yesterday, and I was surprized to see many new frameworks of windmills there. Wind generators are so numerous because it's the region of Wind. But there was no one of them some years ago when we passed there last time. Now, all this stretch is literally covered with the pales.

Энергия Ветра

There were wind turbines of different "models" but all they were made this way

Энергия Ветра

I was very content to see that Italy wants to pass to the alternative energy: with so much wind and sun, it has to be the first among all. This energy is always vailable and pollution-free -we HAVE to use it! It would be so great if every family could have own turbine and own solar battery!They are so incredibly expensive today, but the states could think about it in terms to buy the excesses of production in the families -and all the energy needs this way...

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