Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Miracles in Sorrento

Maybe it's because my husband is on the surgical table in this moment, and I'm very worried about the operation he is undergoing (are you surprized that I am here and do not wait under the door of the department? But it will not change anything because they will not allow me to enter before 12:30 there). So, I think about the miracles, the popuation of Italy usually asks visiting the numerous Saints who's sanctuaries exist practically in any town here.

Those are normally the miracolous objects like the picture "Our Lady of the Rosary" in the sanctuary of Pompei

Or they go in the place bounded with the memory of a really existed person like Saint Antonino in Sorrento.


The walls are covered with the thank-you objects for the received grace there. They represent the parts of the body where the terrible desease was situated. In the crypt of S.Antonino, there are entire walls with "legs", with "hands" etc


I could not understand this custom, sincerely, but now, when I'm sitting and waiting here, impotently, telling this to you and praying for the good exit of the operation, I would maybe feeling better if I was in such a place, I think.

 We often judge what we do not understand -and begin to follow the steps of others when our situation becomes so as the judged persons had before us.
Well, it's time to go for me.I'll pass next 2 days in the hospital, probably.


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