Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A bunch of grapes from Apulia

This beauty I found in a greengrocer that is situated not too far from our house. I forgot to buy something for the cats this morning and decided to go down (from our hill) in the next shop because Basja promised to throw down the monitor if I do not give her to eat.

And so I had to pass near this greengrocer where I noticed incredibly big grapes. The shop keeper said me they come from Apulia. 

This is the period when they sell big varieties of grapes and it's not for much time, only for about a month. So, I buy them even if they say that the sugar of the grapes is not good for weight loss.

But this bunch of grapes is special. Did you notice how the man who cut it left a part of branch and a leaf... He was enraptured by the beauty of the grape. Look at it, how big is the bunch. I hardly could take it this way, so heavy it is.

And here, I want to show you the photos I took when we were in Apulia some weeks ago. What do you see here, these boundless feather-blanket like fields are vineyards!

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