Monday, October 24, 2011

Cure Stress and Deseases with Good Art

Everybody has difficulties in the life and sometimes we become so much involved in these problems that do not notice the life that passes by. The life passes by... It's very sad. So, I decided to offer to you and to me something that will make you smile and admire the bravura of the persons.

What can make us smile?

First part:
I'm sure you will agree with me -the animals are able meke us smile more that any others. Except our kids.

Ох, досталась мне работа -  Целый день в трудах, заботах,  Отдыха совсем не знаю,  Я шезлонги охраняю!

Прости, Герасим... Но ты первый начал!

Ложись, говорит, Васенька,  на бочок и поспи... Ну и как на этом бачке  выспаться можно?!

-Опа! У кого-то обивка в салоне размокла и ...уплыла!

Смотреть ещё!
Second Part:

Naked Men can make us smile, too. Do you think, there is nothing interesting and, specially, nothing to smile when you see a naked men? Watch this video. By the way, admire these artists' technique (I promised you the Art, not?)


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