Thursday, November 03, 2011

Mother's Love

This mail I received today and did not want to open it because this friend has the use to send me all kinds of "send it to all your friend and will receive $3000 tomorrow"-messages. I don't know why I opened this message. And don't know why I decided to open the photos (because it's unpossible to see them in the mail). But than...

I read and heard too many similar notices -in TV and other media- in the last period (I tell about the last photo, clear).
Than, I had to work with similar mothers when I was a teacher, many years ago. If you think that it's a rare case, you are wrong. It's monstruously often. And not only among the poor, illiterate part of the population of the towns.

Once, I had a mother from one of the most rich families of the city. Her son had a face of an angel. And he was a very good boy (10 years old in that period). Could you imagine that the mother, a director of a very important institution, treated that angel in the same way you can see on the last photo...

That is why I was touched when I've seen these photos. And... maybe this pubblication will help to make the life on the Earth some better... Who knows... I do not knkow who are the authors of the photos. If YOU are or you have the rights, write me.  

Mother's Love

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