Sunday, December 11, 2011

Italy in Chocolate Miniatures

You could read about the Particular Christmas Nativity Scene in my other blog where I told about a trekking association I joined Thursday. We visited a very interesting shop in Sorrento before we continue our walk to St. Lucia. The shop sells chocolate because it's owner is maitre chocolatier. He created a fundamental work "Italy in Miniature" that is exposed for the entrance of the shop.

There were symbols of different cities from all Italy, as you can see on my photo (Rome, Turin, Pisa, Milan etc) and a toy train carried a van full of treasures around them.

I did not know that there are maitres chocolatier in our zone, too. I thought they are in Swiss.

An other discovery I did there: chocolate is not only white and brown. It has many different colors so that a brave person can create even pictures with it.

I like to tell about creative persons here. And I think this post is about one of them.
By the way, did you ever try to create figures with soft chocolate? I want to try it tomorrow.

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