Saturday, December 31, 2011

Is the Time Real?

An other year went away. Was it good or bad? I don't know. Not so bad as some years before. It was better, yes. I loose many possibilities but I received others in instead of them. I met some old friends thanks to internet but I received new slaps in the face from the life.

What was more important on the scales of my life? The most important was maybe my calm reaction on those slaps. I accept them as the "things that happen".

I looked at the Christmas tree when I placed it one week ago and remembered that Kotia, our cat that died this June, played with it when he was about one year old. My god, this tree is so old... I noticed that I do not feel the time. I live today and the Past does not exist. Everything disappears like smoke disappears in the air. It was. I know that it was. I remember that it was.

A star comet appeared on my sky and disappeared after some time, leading me to the place where the "treasure" waited for me. So many stars flow away lightening my road... How many times I looked in the sky in that moment? Why could I not understand that those comets guide me?

So, the time does not exist. In the moment I live, comets appear and disappear.
I look at the faces of other persons: they become older and older. Children are adults now. But I do not feel that I am just ol, too. My soul is so as it was when I was a child. My soul did not change. It did not become older together with my body. And it is the prove that the time does not exist, I think.

My post is confused. But I feel that the Time does not exist.

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