Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quietly Christmas

My Christmas is not too much different than it was the last 10 years when my husband passes all the month of December visiting his parents. I sit alown for the PC, there is fire in the fireplace, there is a cat laying on the chair for the fireplace. I just drunk a 33-bottle of beer -unfortunatelly the only alcool I had in the house and do not want to turn the TV on because there are too many happy faces in that box.

I'm not happy. No, I feel good. The neighbour came to visit me today, and I had a very lovely "conversation" with my friends in internet. I was in Salerno yesterday: our Archaeological group had a meeting, and I could see all my friends. Young part of the group was very excited. It is so nice, to stay with the young persons that have still all the life to cross. Or to pass?

Gruppo Archeologico Salernitano Gruppo Archeologico Salernitano

 We have an interesting exhibition in S.Pietro a Corte: the ceramists of Vietri and Salerno were asked to create something inspired by Madonna. We expose 14 works till the end of Februar now, and I asked to photograph me near one of the creations I like more than others.

 Прикоснуться к Высокому

I found an interesting idea of decoration in a shop and tryed to do something similar at home. That transparent cone. Do you like it? Hope, you do. I like all the "design" so much to create "a card" for you.

My best wishes for the Joyous Season and marry Christmas!
Поздравляю Всех С Праздниками!

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