Monday, April 02, 2012

The Simple Joys of Everyday Life

The beginning of this year was too eventful for me. Walking tours, articles, illnesses, voluntary work, other walking tours, illnesses... etc. Now, spring added it's own corrections to these events: I decided to change the "look", the flowers round the house, and ordered roses (by post). Than, my husband decided to raise ornamental birds. So, my days are beaten by garden and animals, too. If you follow my blog, you could see that I even could not write these weeks. I turn home and am able only to sleep there. I think with envy about the days when I had nothing to do and could enjoy idleness. I wanted to show you some of the best experiences I had

during my trekking excursions


in my personal zoo my husband created in these last weeks


Фазан Леди (1год)

...and in my yard where wisterias are flowering now so superbly

Мои Цветочки

Мои Цветочки

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