Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Dog that Shot Down a Friend of His Owner

Did you read the title of the post two-three times and did not believe that it's true? You are wrong. It happend in Russia, and the owner was condemned to 1 year and 3 months.

What was happend?

The owner of the dog and his 2 friends decided to go hunting. They were in the car of the owner of the dog. The victim and the dog were on the back seat of the car.
On that back seat of the car, there was a charged gun of the owner of the dog, too.

The dog, happy to go hunting with all the company, jumped and jumped on the seat. And, suddenly, pressed the cock. The friend of the owner died.

the rules of the custody of dangerous objects were written to preserve the users from such incidents.

It is forbidden to transport charged guns in the car. And not only this. The hunter had to transport non-assembled gun. So, the dog neither the owner of the dog (in this case the owner of the gun, too) can not be punished. The fault was of the owner of the gun -and he, as said earlier, was condamned according to the low.

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