Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Generation of Road Signs

Road signs seem to be something eternal like Creation. What can be new in this field? But some of the local authorities decided to try more clear way to explain the idea of securitie on the road to the road hooligans. Here is the new sign approved by the municipality of a near town.

The new road habit in our zone are trafic circles.  Useful to have less problems before the crossroads, and to avoid to waste electricity, they are thought so that the traffic goes in circle and all the vehicles rispect those who is in the circle-traffic. How do you want to explain it to Italians? Really difficult. Here, everybody has own rules.

So, someone has this idea to add one more road sign 100 meters before the main traffic circles.
Ower the face is written "Slow Down!" Under the face "traffic circle -100m"

It's my favourite road sign.
The problem is, it seems nobody noticed it...

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