Thursday, March 07, 2013

Choose Short Run Posters for A Great Poster Printing Experience

Posters printing is a service everybody needs from time to time. It's something I've done a few different times this year, and I had grave problems with the quality of the first poster I ordered before I discovered, where the entire process of the order is very clear, and it's possible to control the resolution and to adjust it. This is very important when you order a poster. In fact, it was the main problem when I received my first poster from another company, not The quality of the image and it's dimension was not exactly as it was online when I ordered it. This is one of the big reasons I am so happy that I finally found a place I can trust, and where all the process is assisted both on the page you work and with tutorials if something is not clear. Short Run Posters has an other important characteristic. It's affordable price. It was the second nuisance of my first poster printing experience: I paid a fairly high price for my first posters. I needed them for a very important event for a promotion I was holding in a specialized local exhibition. I received the order the same day of the exhibition and these posters had, as I previously stated, bad resolution, and were not exactly the same as I saw on the page during my online checking. Imagine my desperation. This issue will NEVER happen if you use and their services. Now, sum up the differences of Short Run Posters in comparison to their competitors which I had very bad luck working with. The most affordable price of the posters both 18x24 and 24x36 I found with Short Run Posters. You will not believe me but the 18x24 full color poster costs only $2,97 here! And I can't emphasize enough that you can check the real appearance of the poster you order online. The one click order status checking is not to be underestimated. Other pluses are the lamination and the mounting on a foam core and with and easel. Nice touches depending on what you need your poster for. Do you need a poster? Click here and order with confidence.

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