Wednesday, March 06, 2013

How to Prepare Good Chinese Tea

One of the readers of my blog suggested me to visit a Chinese wholesale site where it's possible to purchase good Chinese tea directly from the manufacturer. I passed different days to study that site and found many interesting things except tea. Here, in South Italy where I live, I do not find many things I like and would use in my everyday life. Good tea is one of such things. Italians love coffee - and they have really good coffee. The Neapolitan coffee is very special, too. I appreciate it. But I love tea. Good tea, not those bags with ...

Well, said it, I have to admit, I did not know anything about tea till today. All the information I had about it was ... not exactly right. And I learned so much about the tea meditation in this days!

First of all, every variety of tea has it's own characteristics and it means can be prepared in a different way.
Tea can be brewed more times. Good quality of tea - even up to 15 times! And still  remains an excellent drink. Brewed 3 times teas maintain their qualities. Look here, it's what a Chinese girl that helped me to order explained me:

"No matter what kind of tea, the first brew, leaching accounted for 50% to 55% of the total amount of solubles; the second brew generally accounts for about 30%; about 10% in the third; fourth only 1 % 3%. See its nutrients (tea, vitamins and aminoacids), the first brew have 80% of the amount of leaching, approximately 15% of the second brew, basically all leaching third after brewing."
Here is the video:

 If you can't see the video, here is the link. I'm sure, after some minutes of patience with the advertising, you will learn many interesting about the tea brewing.

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