Sunday, March 17, 2013

How to do my kitchen so perfectly clean?

My kitchen... No, not this one. I thought about MY kitchen when I saw this picture. It's my great dream to have my kitchen so perfectly clean! I'm not a fan of the cleaning. At the difference of the Italian women which have to wash the flat at least once a day, I think it's enough to clean it once a week. I grew up in a family where all the members were out for work all the day and turned home only in the evening to relax and sleep some hours. The only period for cleaning were weekends.

The second point is that we do not have children and, if everything is normal there is not need to clean the rooms that are just clean.

Third, I do not understand why have I to clean just clean flat and loose time that I could pass with much more useful occupations...

Well, I've just said, I'm not a flat cleaning fan...

But when I see such clean kitchens, I feel bitterness. Is it possible that MY kitchen becomes so brilliant and splendid? I think no. Oh no, do not say me that it's only a show, an exposition of a furniture shop. I've seen such kitchens in real houses. So perfectly clean. And without objects on the surfaces.

And if I'll try to do something like this tomorrow? Let's see. Hardly to believe but... I'll tell you.


  1. Our kitchen will never be that clean either, although I clean as I go. A home is to be lived in, and look lived in, I think :)

  2. My dear Babs, I did not visit my friends for so much time... and miss you...

    I don't know why, but I feel always at fault for not perfectly clean flat, for my poor capacity to cook etc etc. Such "stupidities" occupied always the last post in my list of priorities. :-))) and maybe for this reason, it's the most high achievement in my imaginary. Hard to believe I can be able to change at this age but I would like to delete this sense of fault surely. :0)))


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