Friday, October 27, 2006

How it works

Dear F,
I begin maybe with the site.
1/ everybody can write comments in all my sites.In this moment it's not necessary even sign in.It's possible to set,that it can do only members,but I thought do it in this way for a moment because I want we all can communicate free.Then we will see.

2/ In MyKitchen and Diary it's possible to upload pictures.From your PC and with URL.So as it did Sayed, Helmut and I.
MyKitchen supports little pictures uploaded from PC,but everything you want with URL.(that address you take in your Blogger or Photobucket or Flikr).In "Diary" you can upload everything you want.You can write there too.Everything you want in both MyKitchen and Diary.
MyKitchen you can write inside the existent Categories.If you want other category you can write to me.

3/ In Diary can post only members of the group.To be member of this group is necessary write to me and I'll insert the address,to open then Google account so as you have done it too.

All this to give us possibility to comunicate.
You can chat with others too.It is situated in the Home page of My Interests Site.The chat is free,without signing up.Write your names and chat.

I'll be very content if you invite your friends to use this sites,to post there,to chat ecc.All this is free,I can add there other free possibilities for you all,you have only tell me your wishes.

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