Thursday, October 19, 2006


Dear Friends,thank you for joining this page. I'm realy happy about it.I wrote you,for my problems with PC.So now I can't lose your photos more !

Meine Liebe,ich bin so froh,daß sie so viel Geduld haben und mir auch in dieser Seite zusammenschließen !!! Nie werde ich nur ihre Fotos verlieren und auch zusammensein gefällt mir auch sehr sehr sehr !!! DANKE schön!


  1. dear,
    It's so nice to have you here with us where I am sure that you are going to be very much happy..
    This's me Sayed an old man from Egypt..
    Have a happy day and wish you all thebest..

  2. Once lived in Kaukasus a very popular man.Poet.Great poet.When he was about 60 years old,he wanted to take part of an anciant people chor(they chant in incredibly beautiful way there,in Kaukasus).He told:I went there and said them about my wish.How old are you,young man?asked they.-60,replayd I proudly.You are too young to have the proud name of an ancient person,said they,go home,when you have at least 80,turn back,we will see...

  3. Liudmila.. The message has been received .. You are really a great Queen...

  4. This message I wantet it receive all us.Sometimes when I see my face in the mirror,I think:oh,I'm old...But then I think about those who dead some days after burn and about those who begin to FEEL old,when are school-pupils.In Finland I have seen beautiful women,that went to chirch for a concert,they were not younger that 70 and they feeled young.So there are,as for me,different points of view.1/"be young" is the energy,the wish to learn,to do,to move 2/"the PROUD name of an ancient person" has one who has this energy.------I think,in your culture,Sayed,you understand it more or less in this way?____(I don't say about YOU,I think you are too young for this name)

  5. Dear Liudmila,
    You are really so sweet and know how to make your friends feel happy and great..
    Well dear I always say that feeling the age is never by counting years , it's what you really have deep in your heart and mind.
    My dad passed away at the age 0f 85 and he married three times and was wiiling to marry just some few weeks before he passed away..
    Thank you dear for your sweet words..
    By the way Ihave ended fasting the month of Ramadan and right now I am enjoying the days of the fest..
    Soon I will write you dear.
    Have a happy day..


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