Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A photo and some few lines about myself.

Hi dear friends,
Myname is Sayed Marzouk.. All can call me Camel.. I am from Egypt and live in Cairo.. I am 65 years old . Married and have three children . One sweet daugher who has give me a real great present ( Mazin - my Grandson whom I love more than life ) The other two boys are married ans hope that soon they will make me more happy and present me als with some sweet children.
I am a retired teacher I used to teach Gymnastic .. I have been to so many many countries all around the world and worked in London for about three years..
The picture which is attached was taken for me while I was visiting Paris..
Please feel free to ask me about any thing .. I would answer you..
Take care and have a great day...


  1. Finaly your photo here...The women asked me yesterday about you and now they can see you with their eyes ;-)))

  2. OH by the way .. I have forgotten to tell you something .. I am a very shy person.... LOL

  3. You know,Sayed,I had this bad problem:with all troubles of the life I become very angry,agressive person,but it is not my nature,and when I understood it,I began to do all possible to turn back to be shiny as in my nature.(and this is the matter why I want to create a shiny C° near me here)Our life is not so long that we can to be agressive...


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