Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dream Interpretations

Some years ago I had an idea to interpret my dreams.

From my first years I heared the persons speak about their dreams and trying to understand what they want to say.There were special books and those who remembered many meenings.I thought:we are so different,it's unpossible that all can have the same interpretation of one sign we dream.

I asked others what they think about it and discovered:almost all want to interpret the dreams when they wake up,but all said this is a stupidity.

I'm not agree with this point of view.I think we are a very complicate engine we absolutly don't understand.It's like an Ice Age man has to pilot an interstellar ship.Quite our scientists say we use only 5% of possibilities of our brain...What contain the last 95%? So to add the opinion of psycologists I say you directly:they say our body comunicate with our mind with signs.This signs we see clearly in the dream.Our task is to interpret this signs.To do it the doctor has to know his visitor very well.

You know, it happens very often to me. I have an idea,tell it to others and they say me I'm mad.Later,sometimes years later, I find I was perfectly right.When I was little,I said: animals have the same feelings,emotions,thoughts (beh..similar) like we.Today scientists say:we are just a specie of animals.Interesting specie,yes,but not more than a specie.We are neither "chosen by God" no "kings of evolution",we are only one of the species.

Well, when I began to study this idea about dreams, I could not find understanding even between persons that had to be agree with me for their specializzation.I was surprised to be ostrazise from some companies for this.But more I studied,more found the scientists see it as me,the ancient wisdom too.

There are some books about dream-yoga by different authors,but this is not for beginners.

So I explain my idea.
1.As said, our body comunicate with our mind by signs. By "intuition" ecc.
2.There is nobody who knows us better as we ourself,that is why it's for us to interpret what our body says.
The advise I found to have a pen and a note-book near the bed and in the toilet.When you wake up in the night,you have to notice your dream.It was not good for me,if I begin to write I can't asleep then.So I wrote only those dreams I remember in the morning.

The result is:
-if you have an insidious dream and analyze it (we hope:and understand) it can disappeare for ever;
-if this dream is to show you something it can continue till you correct your mistaken behavour.

First dream
I'm in a room of a flat that has a door close by key.Somebody beginns to knock at the door and I see a tall man with strang clothes in the window near the door.He wants to enter.I'm afraid,trembling as a leaf,don't know what to do,where to go.

Second dream
I'm in a room with some (2-3) other persons.We know sombody will come here,find us,and we have to run away.I'm afraid and trembling.We go away befor the bad people come.

I'm in the house situated in the garden.I don't see them,but I know it.There are thiefs in the garden and they will enter in the house.There is a child with me.I'm afraid and trembling.I take the child and we run away using the back-door.

I have to go from A to B and the path pass trough the forest.I notice a tall man follow me.I go slower -he goes slower,I go faster,he goes faster.I'm afraid and trembling (as usual for those dreaqms).At the end I reach B without problems, the man arrives there too.

Now I try to analyze these dreams.There is normally a close place where I have to feel secure(MY house),some persons depending from me,-and men that I THINK will damage me and those who depends from me.
Interesting:those bads never DO really something bad.I think so,I know they want to damage.I'm afraid they will do it.

My interpretation of these dreams:
I'm afraid of something great that can damage me,I don't feel secure where I have to be secure.
My inconscious want to explain to me there isn't real danger in my "house".


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