Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A simple life of a woman

Some days ago I began to write stories of women I met in my life.My idea was to create a general view on some single paths and ways they cross.But from the beginning appears the main thought is more complicated as initial simple plan.

First of all the most unpleasant creatures result to need great compassion.We see only a person that in this moment is damaging us.We are part of this play and are concentrated to do something to win.If we can go out of it and see it as a show,we find that every character has his/her positive and negative sides.Everybody tries to protect himself and assure the ambience around him is under his control.Remember one of the sentences to repeat to increase auto-esteem? "there are no contradictions,only different points of view on the same subject" ( here about these exercises and in other posts).

Then .We see so many beautiful women in TV and other media.Nightclubs,Caraibi ecc -you know what I meen.We think:THIS is the life and I have to do everything to reach it,and if I can't reach it, I'm failure or unfortunate.

( in the last time I have seen different sites where sombody posts photos of these "fortunate" women in their "photo-life" and then how they are "natural".The very first time I was shocked.I said to my friends:and if we put so much of all this cosmetics,we will be of celestial beauty.While we are more beautiful without cosmetics.At our age.

And then I'm always surprised to hear interviews with those young girls:"what is the secret of your beauty and your slim body?"-"My diet,my sports 12 hours a day ecc." I don't understand why they,journalists,need this stupid propaganda? At 20, everybody is beautiful and slim because young.At 40 you have to think about sport (maybe too late?) and diet -for wrinkles,paunch ecc but at 20... )

So,I say,we don't think about the real life.We don't understand it as real.Real is what we see in TV... Maybe you are not as me,but I was so,more or less.And then one day I began to compose in one facts from lifes of women I knew.Unfortunately I can't put their photos there.Have to think about it,it could be more interesting for immagination.

What do you think about it? Tell me your story,mmm...?
The film about distorted beauty is the best testimonial.See it here


  1. I got my impression of my identity through contact with my mother. She was divorced and really felt she had no time for me but relished in books.
    She seemed to hate that I was light-skinned, had blue eyes and red hair and she was 100% Italian. She called me dense a lot. Did not want me around and shooed me away so she could read.
    Even though I was always thin, she said I would never stay that way because I came from a family of elephants(of course, it must have ment my dad's side).

    But, I have feared becoming a teacher for nineteen years. I cry a lot about it and want to be patient and caring and give support during the short time I am with them each day before some go back to those types of homes. I want to teach them all that they are all special and can make it no matter what the odds.
    So, here I am, 42 and I just got my teaching license and am about to embark on the hardest journey ever-healing!

  2. Dear Tree,thank you for your testimonial.
    I think this theme,our mothers that "kill" us while are emotionally instable,unhappy,is very important to dedicate a special post.Maybe we can help somebody to change,to be more aware.
    I think the dependance from the opinion of the mother is great tragedy for most of us.I wrote about in an other post and the method to liberate from it(for those how is interested).
    This is because (I think) as children,many years completly dipending from the mother,we are sure she loves us,she is the basic "wall" of our existance...


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