Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Our mothers that "kill" us every day...

This is the logical continuation of all my previous posts about our emotional states.Sincerely I hope it can help somebody to change and to do all beings,living around more happy.

I didn't had this intent,but my personal and professional life,the lifes of my friends and non friends show: many tragedies in our lifes due to the unhappiness of our mothers.And when we become mothers we continue to create unhappy persons,because don't understand what we do.

In last years Italy assist on incredible quantity of homicides,when mothers kill their children.Maybe I exagerate if I say it happens every week,but really too often.After one "great success" in TV,other mothers repeat this gesture.Mother that with her own hands drowns 3 children till 5 years one after other in a lake...and other that calls her husband some minutes after and says "we'll do an other child now"...

Do you know what I thought after an infinite murder-story? Those children are fortunate in one sense.They don't have to live with this mother all their life.
And ... who is alive with a mother that don't loves her child,is fortunate: the mother,that don't want you and -think a moment- COULD liberate from you,took care of you instead,did everything was possible for her to feed you,to cloth you,to educate you,to send you in schools ecc ecc ecc....If she was a modern mother she invented a way to take you off so that nobody can prove it....

You think I'm thinking nasty? No.
First of all this is a good meditational exercise to take off the dipendance and to accept the person that damage us.
Have you ever thought,what is thinking your mother,when is cooking,cleaning the flat,doing this or that? Never? Do you know how was the life of your mother? Her wishes?

Today,when I analyze many of these examples,I see
1.We could be more happy if we were not so dipendant from the wish to have this "secure wall behind our shoulders".
2. and if we could be happy in the real life, and not to run behind the mirage of happiness that put in our heads TV and other media.

Now,we can ask ourselves an other question: why my mother has to love me?
I have only one answer to this question:because I'm her child.
Have you other answers? There is this feeling in our heads.It's not a thought,we don't think about it.The sun shines,the water is wet,the mother loves her child.It's clear,no?

Let's see this from other side.Why do many women make children today?
Nobody loves me,nobody understands me,I make a child for me and he'll love me because I'm his mother.
I'll do this child to tie this man to me.
It was a mistake.
others like these.

Once I had a very beautiful boy in the class.10 years old.They came to me after primary school.That boy was as a toy.Not too clever,but not stupid,a normal child.When you saw him,forgave him all he did bad so beautiful he was.After 3-4 month his mother came to me,gave me money and said: I'm too busy.My husband says I take not time for this child.I'll give you money you treat him as a mother all the day he stays with you.I don't want problems with my husband.
I was very young in that period.The mother was for my understanding a holy being.And I was really shocked to listen this words.And then it was the most beautiful child of the class....

This meens,the woman borns a child to resolve her problems.The problems are where they were befor after it,but she adds many other problemsto those existend.And there life becomes tragedy.And something that makes her bad life a tragedy is her child.
Do you remember the question?
Why my mother has to love me?
(we ask in other way:why my mother doesn't love me?)

And I ask you one more question:what did you in all your life to give her what she wants?

No,with all this I want only we understand,we are conscious of this tragedy.
Second,we see ourselves,because we behave,treat others surely in the same way as our mother treated us.
And last,people live with us,depending from us,meet us are not guilty in our problems.If we begin to give them happiness,and they will give happiness to those that are near them ecc ecc The world can become a little more happy...

Very interesting exercise I found today

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