Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Donate the life

Maybe you will not agree with this my thoughts...One day ago all the world wrote about Saddam Hussein,today I read about G.W.Bush executed in Washington,Fox State TV said.Who is writing about it? BBC News .I'm not interested in politics.I'm very sceptical about it and wrote it many times.Excuse me for repeating this.All this characters are dirty,there is no one you can say he is better as other.

So this news brought my mind once more to the thought about our lifes.When I think about it I feel sad.We want to feel how important we are.We want to leave the memory about us in the world.How many times we think about immortality.But there are only some persons that know we are coming in this world and maybe less -we are going away.

We managed many times the nature to create new lifes:dogs,hen,pigeons.We waited for them,it was so incredibly to see them born,help them in their first movements.Sombody of them could not survive and we cried.It was an other important feeling to see them grow,do their first great steps....and then kill them.Or give them to bad persons because they paid.

Our last pair of pigeons had 2 nestlings.They were very little.The pair was old,they lived together many years.We had many pigeons befor,but my husband decided to sell them,he could not grow pigeons for meat more.He sold this pair too,but they returned home.

One day the female don't come back in the evening.The male was nervous,waited for her,but she didn't come next day too.We thought,the male will leave nestlings,but he continued to feed them and to heat.Then... he began to throw one of his children.Every morning we found one of them aside,cold,almost dead.The father could not maintain them.So we helped him.We gave to eat to this little,vitamins,we heated him and after some days he was strong enough.We were afraid every day the father leaves them.Males don't take care of nestlings when remain alone normally,but this was exceptional father.He grew his children till they could eat and live without him.

All this to sell them for meat...

No,this story had a good end.My husband sold the littles to a neighbour breeder and for their father found an expert person that had a female without male.We told him about this father and are sure he has a good life now.

When you partecipate on this stories,you learn to respect animals and birds and ....you don't
want to give life for suffering.Maybe it is not right decision,but we don't do it more.

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