Thursday, March 05, 2009

Italian Cemetery

I promised to write what I know about cemitries in Italy. Unfortunatelly I'm not very confident with this theme, so I can tell you what I've heard.

Italians have to put their deceased in the cemetry the same day when they are dead. But they do not burry them: the coffin remains open till the next day in a special room. It is because there were cases when the dead persons woke up from their lethargic sleep. I think it comes from Middle Ages.

Normally cemetry is outside the town. (photo 1) It is not very vast place with different parts inside. The gate is open as an office: from...till... They call cemetry "Campo santo" -"holy place", "holy field".

There is not so much place in the cemetry, so first the deceased is burried for about 10 years, I think. Than the remains are exhumated and posted in a special wall (photo 3). Some families can allow themself a sort of room, an external crypt, where the deceased members of the family are posted in special holes made in 3 walls of the "crypt" from the floor till the ceiling. One of them, where I was once, looked like the background part on the last photo. First is the church of the cemetry here, I think, and than are the crypts.


  1. It looks like a small town. The main idea is, we live after our death and we need our houses! I think the cemetries in Italien are nice!
    I don't want to go under the earth, I want to stay on the earth - like now.
    Have the streets on the cemetries names?

  2. All cemeteries I've seen in Italy are really very small, compact. Not as in Finland or specially in Russia where they are big and similar to the parks (Finland) or forests (Russia). And they were all closed in these "castel" walls.
    So, I think, they don't need names for the parts of their cemetries. Maybe in the big cities. But I don't know.

  3. I think it's a good idea not to bury the dead yet else they wake up!

  4. Today it's maybe not important -or not so important- while there are more sofisticated medical devices that can "see" if the person sleeps or he/she is dead. Hope.

  5. We Muslims bury our dead on the same day if it us still not too late but underground covered with earth. So far I hve never hear stories of the supoosedly dead person wake up. And our cemetries are simple and nothing nice. Only burying for Muslims are compulsory but most people from other religions here just cremate their dead.

  6. I even know that the Muslims in my country buried the persons in sitting position.

    There are very many stories about letargic sleep here, in Europe. Maybe it was provoked by some health problems or non good nutirtion. I don't know but they were frequently. The persons in Italy ate very badly before.


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