Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Prince Of The Smiles

Probably there are different Princes Of The Smiles.

One of them is known in all the world and is Charlie Chaplin.
His international fame dues mostly to the silent cinema. He had to be understandable to everybody.

There are not less great but less known characters in other nations too. One of them is Italian Totò.
Unfortunatelly it's very difficult to understand many of his movies because his talent is based mostly on the game of words and napoletan dialect. This short from the movie "Misery and Nobles" is maybe some exagerate but clear without words.

And here is one of the examples of modern "international" laugh-making art. I wanted to find something not long, but if you like the video, you can watch different "shows" of this group in the list on the right. Find "maski" word -and laugh.


  1. I think I still prefer Charlie Chaplin!

  2. And for me important is that I laugh. :-)))

  3. Ha ha! Charlie Chaplin is my favourite :O)

  4. I thought now his jokes were more interesting as the modern. Maybe he used all of them?


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