Friday, March 20, 2009

How Many Shrouds Of Jesus Of Nazareth Do You Know?

I wrote news about the Shroud of Turin in this blog (The Shroud Of Turin) about a year ago.

I like to read how the modern science restores the events happend centuries ago. There was, except shroud, Is there a difference: we and Neanderthals? More about Ötzi too and Sparta, Leonidas and false legends (excuse me, there were many spelling errors in that posts but I have not time to correct them)

Now I learned about an other interesting thing. Did you know that exists the second shroud of Jesus of Nazareth?
"a bloodstained cloth, measuring c. 84 x 53 cm"

Here is a quoter from Bible (in Russian, I'll try to translate something) from Wikipedia:
Евангелие от Иоанна, глава 20, стихи 6-7: "Вслед за ним приходит Симон Пётр, и входит во гроб, и видит одни пелены лежащие. И плат, который был на главе Его, не с пеленами лежащий, но особо свитый на другом месте".
The Gospel according to John part 20,versus 6-7
"after him enters Simon Peter and sees only shroud(s -plural in Russian). And the cloth that was on the head, not together with the shroud(s) but twisted in a special way in an other place."
If you know how it's correct in English, write me, pls.

So, according to John, there are different shrouds and a cloth.

What I heard yesterday, that the cloth has identic with the shroud of Turin blots. It was twisted like a turban on the head of a person that had one arm up. A human, with blood AB that is usual in Palestine but rare in Europe, dead in upright position, wounds on the head are so that the person had a "hat" of needles.

By the way, Jesus had not a hoop of needles but the "hat" because the crowns were similar to hats in that period. (compare on the photo Monomakh's Cap)


  1. As far as I know, they have still not been able to prove that the shroud of Turin is a forgery. I can accept that He would be wrapped in more than one cloth.

  2. I found these in English in

    20:6-7 kaiV eijsh'lqen eij" toV mnhmei'on When Peter reached the tomb, he (in typical fashion) did not hesitate to enter. When he did so, Peter too saw the linen wrappings that the Beloved Disciple had seen from outside the tomb, but he also saw the soudavrion, the piece of cloth that had covered Jesus’ head, not lying with the other wrappings, but rolled up in one place by itself.

    In Russian, this form of plural can be translated as singular too -the antique form of speaking. I think the same in English.

    So we can imagin that there were at least 2 pieses -and maybe more.

  3. I have only heard of the shroud of Turin. But maybe, there are others. We have many clothes, haven't we?

  4. Mmmm... I don't know, sincerely, but everything is possible. When we want to find something we do it.


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