Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Romantique Castle

Maybe you understand my wish to show you these photos. It's something absolutelly incredible in my life. My image of romanticism and dream. It's my fable castel. The life is to live just to see these marvels. And many others, clear. I think too much about death in the last period. Different persons I know are ill and dead from cancer. But the life continue with it's splendid manifestations. The spring continue.

Till today I said: I don't want to know what I have. When the time to die comes, I'll die but I don't want to ruin my existance thinking about it.
Maybe it's not very clever idea. These thoughts convinced me to go to the meditian tomorrow...


  1. People are born to die! Don't worry. It'll happen!

  2. It's so, but I thought it's not clever to die if one could go to the meditian and continue to live...

  3. I am also watching a relative and a friend suffer this awful disease!

    The flowers are beautiful and when they die, it is not the end for them :O)

  4. ...and the flowers will become more numerous and beautiful next year... ;-)))

  5. Looking at the lovely photo death is the last thing on my mind. Anyway don't think too much about it Liudmila. Everyone has to go one day and while we are still breathing just be thankful and enjoy life as much as possible. Stay romantic, it helps to keep you feel young, beautiful and alive.

  6. Do you imagin that I thought different times about you today and even wanted to write you, Fatiah.

    I don't think it too much. Just to maintain the mind ready to accept this event. I'm a hooligan and romantic as allways.


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