Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rains Of Mud

We live the infinite period of the rains here, as you know from my reports. It rains in the last days too. But these rains are very different from those we had in winter because these rains come from Africa and not from North.

How can I know it, you ask me? Clearly, I did not know about the existance of this difference till I heared once a metherological explanation about it. We do not need to ask the clouds where they come from. It's enough to rise the eyes and to look at them. Or to look on the car after the rain.

I hope you can distinguish it on my photo here on the right. The cars become all completely covered with mud after the rains that come from Africa. The same clouds have that "special" color of mud, they are not grey or white or black. They are brown. Naturally brown.

If you have something washed hanging in the yard you have urgently take it in the house. Anything clean has to be hidden and saved. But the rains are warm.

Sahara that comes to visit Italy.


  1. It would be nice if it rains money!

  2. They say, it happens in the world from time to time.

  3. You both are dreamers!But you can try to win money. Some people have luck!

  4. Win money is one thing, rain of money is another thing. Thehistory knows different rains of money: a tromb of air opened the treasure burried in the earth and took all the coins with it and throw on the persons of a village. That was a real case.

  5. Oh that's really interesting. Brown clouds!

  6. It's strange but they are really so- Transport the sand of Sahara and are so full of it that have this special color.

  7. Кстати, я выиграла 9,60 в лотто. А у вас уже прошёл денежный дождь?

  8. Нет ещё, ждём-с.
    У меня муж любитель всяких игр. Он даже однажды 600 000лир выиграл.
    А, между прочим, если запишешься вот сюда Homepages-Friends, то там за то что ищешь что-нибудь копеечку дают. Конечно, гугл удобнее, но он всё в свой карман складывает, а эти всё-таки как-никак делятся. Я, правда, обиделась что-то и не ищу с ними, но когда-то аж 3 непонятно чего заработала. Похоже, что фунтов, а не долларов. Это хорошо. Это почти 5 евров.


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