Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Wisteria This Year

Oh my god, I did not tell you about my glicines!!! Terrible! I have to correct this mistake urgently!

I have 5 different types of glicine. Common, and 4 hybrids. 2 of them are those with long flowers. Common wisteria has not very long flowers. They are about 21 cm. One of the hybrids I have has shorter flowers but they have a special color. The other's flowers are about 50 cm long, and those long (lila or blue I don't remember and white that I have) can reach 1,80 m. It was the longest that somebody could cultivate.

Actually we have only common glicine flowering, but it's something spectacular. Even if I cuted the most part of the branches this year. I wanted to make photos because there are cherries flowering now too. So I tryed to have these 2 colors together. Unfortunatelly I could not make what I wanted to have but the photos are nice the same.

The longer will be ready next week,I think, and from those very long I have actually only 2 flowers preparing to flower. Hope I will be able to show you that too. I waited about 3-4 years to see these. But they do not want to gift me this joy. But the plant is growing from the cold side of the house.

For more photos you can open this page Wisteria For My Dear Friend Angela

So is it from the door of the ground floor. I wanted to create some shadow in summer here.


  1. Oh, they are so beautiful! Lovely lavender colour :O)

  2. This plant is really fantastic. Something like the fable. "1000 and 1 night".

  3. But it's a plant that came here from your parts... :-)))

  4. That's strange; haven't seen them here; maybe, it can be found up further north; remember seeing trees with lots of flowers in Chiengmai but wasn't close enough to see how the flowers look like

  5. Thinking now about it -maybe it's original from Japan. Surely the original plants will be not so spectacular as hybrids. But this mine is called Common wisteria...

    From other side maybe it likes more wet and cold clima.


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