Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Excellent Way to Begin the Year

It was maybe the best January,1 of my life. We began the new year on the top of a mountain immerse in the silence and deep connection with the nature.

Just before the end of the year I descovered a trekking group that explores the region visiting the most interesting and not very known places of this the zone. I participated on the excursion over Sorrento on Dec.,8 and it was the second time I wanted to go for a walk with them. This time I wanted to accustom my husband to my passion specially because he says he has to walk more to lower blood pression etc.

I have to say you, it was not so easy but I did it! He consented to go with me. The group was not very numerous, only 10 persons, I think. The climb was not too difficult even if it was hard enough for us who never move so much.

All the road was covered with "good omens" so that it was difficult to avoid them -it's because the cows passed the same way some minutes earlier. :-))) that is why I think, this year will be good for us.

Last meters were "more interesting" and we had to look under the feet than on the ruins of a castel we walked up to.

Incredible place for a settlement but the fortification was impregnable and they could control the road and the river in the valley.

Sunny, splendid, excellent day, absolute silence. Only some km-s from Salerno and other towns.

Well, some persons can not live without stupid gestures...

На экскурсии

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