Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life After Death

Scientists do not have doubts about the existence of the life after the death of the physical body. They do not have doubts about the existence of the ghosts more, too. This is not a notice today, I wrote about it in this blog, I think, too. They, scientists, can not explain this phenomena but it's presence is confirmed by many scientific studies.

For those who understands Russian, I add this video about the cremation.
This experiment was carried in a crematorium. A team of scientists connected special heat-resistant instruments to the body of a dead person before cremation. They were surprised to discover what they have seen on the monitor: the dead body was afraid to enter in the fire. The sensors designed signs of fear on the screen.

The other interesting notice that I've read in this period was about the very good known shaft to the light that experience patients in coma. Many persons tell about it and scientists explained this experience as the last light that enters in the eye of the dieing person. The notice is: completely blind and blind from the birth persons tell about the same shaft and light. So, this experience does not depend from the last light that enters in the eye.

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