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How to do?-Everyday meditation for everybody and disrespect and emotional mistreatment

"...the meditation exercise I do I posted it on the page Bön of MyInterests Site. ..."

The thing that strucked me in these last days was to read how many persons are suffering different problems concerning their emotional state, about disrespect and emotional mistreatment.Different authors write (and TV-journalists speak too) about how we feel in family and at work,about women that have to hear everyday incalculable offensive calls....

I had this problem in my family too.Telephone was simple to resolve.I disconnect it befor we go to sleep.And when those idiots knew it's possible to see their number,they began to think sometimes.

Other problem is mistreatment at work.Here (as for me) there are 2 parts:
1/- emotional state of the person is not stable,he/she feels every gesture,word as offensive.Without offensive content or intention.
2/- others look for somebody who has excessive reaction on their provocations.
What I write here is maybe known for all scientists,but in our everyday life we don't think about it.We suffer all our life without doing a step -very simple step-to help us.

The first simple step is to change our model of thinking about ourself.
You maybe will laugh,but I assure you it works perfectly.For at least 40 days every day repeat to you 10-20 times at once

"I'm good so as I am" or
"I can do everything and will be successful" or
"don't exist problems,only possibilities" or
"they are so because it's their way to exist" ecc

We don't like hard sun or rain.What we do?We accept them and try to protect us.Are we angry with them?No.It's silly.Somebody is afraid of them -it's an illness.Do we try to change it?No.It's the way how the world exist.

You can have 1-10 sentences to repeat...I have an arm-band with 21 pieces on it,so I repeat one sentence 11 times,then other 11 times or if I think the sentence is very important in this period,I repeat it 21 times....

Add other positive sentences.Some days you'll think "It's stupidity",but continue to do this exercise,don't stop.Repeat and repeat and repeat.It works really.
You can read about it in different books.I'll post the titles lately.And there are many positive phrases you can repeat,but they have to be without wrong words.One Author is Mirzakarim Norbekov (here you can find one of his books in russian and the site of Norbekov.I can't say you if there are translations of his books in other languages.) Other is John Kehoe (this is his site ,here is one of his books in russian).I like books of these authors,but it not meens that there aren't other books about it.

Second step is not to show your reaction to others.If they consciously do something to you is because they wait for your reaction.Begin with show indifference.Sure they will repeat what they do different times else,but without your reaction the pastime is not interesting.

Now I want to offer you the meditation exercise I do.I posted it on the page Bön of MyInterests Site. Do this exercise so much times you want,it will give you calm and stability.And happiness, with time.

Many persons begin to cry they are not interested in other religions,they hate this thought ecc ecc.But here I don't write about other religions.I write you about YOUR HEALTH -don't metter what is your religion.
If you are believer of one of the religions -better for you,because you can heal quicker.This is the only difference for those who do this exercise.Nothing more.

Try it.I'm sure you will enjoy it (after some time of experience,at the beginning it's hard to stop the mind).


  1. Very true words, I can only agree. I was puzzled a lot about why the Buddhists medidate so much, until through your guidance, I found out, that the medidation is just a method to bring your mind into the right perspective with your own life and to take you away from your material worries, at least, just for the time of medidation. It can change the outloolk on many things in your life and can transport you into a healthier state of mind. That's why the Tibetan Buddhists could withstand the tribulations of the Chinese for so long. The Buddhist monks practice medidation to get the upperhand over material things and values for prolonged periods, so that they can start to understand the teachings of Buddha. This is perhaps not vitally important for the average person. But with the medidation techniques one can seperate the physical body from the etheral mind. Everybody can do that and does not have to practice in a specific religion at the same time. In Germany, many Roman Catholic parishes offer seminars for medidation to come closer to God and to be able to become a better Christian.

    There are rumors that Jesus himself went to places in India when he was 12 years old to study the teachings of Buddha. It is even said that he returned to India after his crucifixion and he should have lived a long and healthy life there.

    Thanks for all your lovely writing.

  2. Dear Angela,I think the point here is not "to take you away from your material worries" -you will always return there if you are not ready to stand the problem,if you feel you are "bad"- but what is more-more-more important -to change our "victim"-position,our dipendance from the judgment of other persons.If we know we are good so how we are,if we know,nobody will/can "punish" us,so we know :what is happend with us is only a situation of the life,not our personal payment for something,we are able to live more happy -and persons live near us can be more happy too.

  3. Excuse me,I had to precise I use "you" in general.
    And wanted to repeat maybe, I speak here not about advanced practice but about simple exercises,like physical,that can help us to become more calm,more stable + other exercises I listed can increase our self-valutation and reduce our dipendance from the opinion of other persons.All together can make we more happy and successful.Nothing more.


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