Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Psycological tests,IQ ecc.

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some days ago I read a review of psychological science news. Guess. About... IQ-tests. These tests are not exhaustive, can show only one side of the person. The most clear example are that Einstein and Sharon Stone are the same result of IQ-test, but the ideas in those heads are very difficult...,say scientists.

I detest psycological tests.And their authors.
When I say it,many persons think I'm mad.It's soooo interesting !! Amusing! We can understand who is intelligent and who is not !!! Have you ever think,WHAT can you understand? That in this moment of your life you know more or less as the author of this test?

(For those who asked me about addresses here I write about one of them,new for me,unusual IQ-test,and HERE there are different psycological tests and logical tasks,I hope you'll enjoy them.)

This is the test professors of higher mathematics do during the examination:
They ask the best students very difficult questions.First question,second,third...at the end they ask:how much is 2 x 2? - and many students can't answer in this moment.
This example knows everybody.
There are moments in the life when you can't say your name.Your mind is distracted by something very important.

Second.Most tests you read in mass media have so low level of intelligence,so evident are the future conclusion about you...
Do you eat meat every day? -A.Yes B.No. If you can chose between a plate with chicken and vegetable salad,what will you eat? -A.Chicken B.Salad Conclusion:If you have most B,you are vegetarian.(if no,you have to think about it)

The same about IQ tests I have seen.They are a little more complicated,I think the autors are payd better,or it's their scientific task,I don't know.The level of intelligence is here higher.Sometimes you can't immagin the conclusion the author will do about you.
I don't say here, this can influence emotionally not very strong persons.It can remain tracks in the brain of those who has emotional problems.
I don't say, it can influence your employer.You could be made of gold,but that employer believes the author of that test.
The most annoying is irresponsibility and immorality of persons that are on their places to manage us.And our quickness to believe and to follow every their word.(Seems I come to this conclusion in every post but read what I found about us as result of "many IQ tests" here,later)

When I was little,there were books with logical,mathematical and other tasks.
2 horses tool a carriege for 40 km.How many km does every horse?
If I have +,-,- than -,+,- what have I to post on the third place here: -,-, ?

Now the tasks from these books we call IQ tests.Sometimes.When the author is intelligent enough.It's clear,and is not worth to write about it,to think about it.Don't read,don't answer -what is the problem?

The problem is that from those "researches" interested persons (like those employers) begin mass-media-compaigns about:
-most persons with low IQ are or poor or criminals (they have never heard about extrimly intelligent criminals and about poor persons that become academics)
-most persons with low IQ have low IQ parents (have you never heared that child of genius is never genius ecc)
but the best is that highest IQ have Asians,then Europeans,then Black and Latinos.(is enough for you that you are Latinos and you can automatically exclude yourself from all possibilities of growth,study ecc.Excuse me,but Latinos aren't from the same Asian race? So genetically they have to be the most intelligent or no?)

I think,if those tests had to compose Aborigens of Australia or others(Latinos or people from Amazonia for example),and had to give conclusions about these our "scientists" they,these scientists, were the most stupid from all 6 milliards of population of the Earth.And they would never find job till the end of the world.

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