Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Do You Like Your Language?

Sometimes -often enough- I partecipate on the discussions about the purification of the language. Today I read about it in Russian and British online magazines.

Pre-history of the question.
A week ago we spoke with Pietro, a member of our Archaeological Group about too many english words and "bad" words that are used in Italian. Not only the english words are used where is absolutely not necessary. The most interesting is that NOBODY understands what this word means. NOBODY (even in TV, where the profession seems to obligue to be correct specially in the language), nobody I say can pronounce this word correctly because Italians read the letters they see.
The same tell me the girls of our group too.

I don't remember now the "bad" words. I just wrote about it many times.

Well, what new invented Russians and British in their discourses about the language (by the way, I don't understood, what language disturbes British English?) ? They (population) say that their langages have to be purifyed! How? Nobody knows. The only thing is clear to everybody: it's governative task.

Do you imagine, how it can happen? Some new taxes for every foreign word pronounced?
So as it was with sigarets? And the special forces of marines of something like this in the streets?


  1. Our local languages here have been polluted by English too.

  2. I think it's like with all other modern things: it's enough that it is from somebody foreign and reach, not important WHAT it is.


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