Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What is Cassava?

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Tell me honestly: do you know what is cassava?
I did not know about it till now. So if you don't know about it too, I tell you here some words from my research.

Cassava is a plant. A sort of magnolia as I undertood. Other names you've surely heared yuca, manioc, tapioca.
This plant is produced in Nigeria too and
provides the third largest source of carbohydrates for human food.
However, waste from cassava refining is a major public health problem in Nigeria, causing water pollution and emitting noxious greenhouse gases. (Source)
Because I never heared about this plant, I couldn't -and can't- understand what it is in my food made from this plant. Sincerely I'm terribly afraid to eat in the last period. Every day there are notices about bad preparation of it, about terrible industrial aliments ecc. You surely remember my posts about it.

I don't want to repeat you what I wrote different times here. The thing is more interesting as my fears. The article tells about Nigerian ingeneer, Dr. Joseph Adelegan, that invented to use the wasts of the plant to produce electicity for poor persons. It will be not enough to maintain a refrigerators in these houses, but it will be enough for more than 2000 houses to watch TV, to listen to the cassette player.

If we remember that these poor people use kerosene lamps till today, you imagin how much it will be for them!

What I want to say: You see how creative some persons are! From shit and from wastes they invent gold! Alchemists are neuborn children near them. ;)))

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