Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New HD Digital Radio

It's something incredible, you have to hear it. It's a completely new product: HD Radio. What is the difference? Simply. You have HDTV and CD quality sound when you listen your favourite AM and FM radio stations. No static, hiss or audio distortions. Excellent broadcasting, only pleasure to do it. HD Radio is really cristal-clear!

An other problem can be resolved using Polk Audio I-sonic ES2 that is HD Radio receiver enabled with iTunes Tagging. Next time when you hear a song you like, only hit the "tag" button and the song information will be saved to you iPod. So you can click and download it next time from the Music Store. This receiver has full range speakers and creates soundstage throughout entire room.

This HD Radio receiver allows you to listen to many new FM chanels from local new country music stations they offer a wide variety of formats. You can easily find them visiting the site.

There are many new Florida High Definition Radio stations on HD Radio. With the new HD Radio receiver you can discover HD2 and HD3 channels of your area. It gives you very useful text information too.

The last but very pleasant information: HD Radio has not subscription fees. It's completely free.


  1. Haven't heard of a digital radio. Sounds strange!

  2. I did not know about these technical progresses too -all this happens so quick, so that I don't stay at the same feet with progress...


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