Sunday, July 27, 2008

Incident In An Airplane

под крылом самолёта...
The XL Airways plane was flying from the Greek island of Kos to Manchester when Wednesday's incident happened.

The women, aged 26 and 27, were drinking heavily and had to be held in their seats by security staff until the plane landed in Frankfurt. ... They were arrested and released after two hours...

The women had then said they wanted to open the door to get "some fresh air" into the plane. (Source: BBC)
Do you think it's a terrible case and the drinked women had not be on the bord? Maybe you are right. Maybe not. I don't use to drink and have to use airplanes from time to time. And sometimes, when I am in the plane, I have an irresistable wish to go out. Open the door and go out. I want to say: I'm tired to sit here, stop a minute, i'll go out.

I don't know, why I have this wish. Seems I am not afraid of the flights. But I feel uncomfortable there inside and want to go out... Imagin if I say it to the hostes.

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  1. They were arrested for a good and valid reason. Although I love to fly, I wouldn't dream of opening an airplane door while in flight....

  2. When people go overboard with intoxicant, this will happen.

  3. I agree, the reason is perfectly walid and the authorities are right, they have to do everything possible to forbid to the persons to drink much onboard.

    When I had to fly last time a year ago the guards found a little 30ml bottle in my bag and it was a reason to undress me completely. Why these ladies were not controlled?

  4. This is not a fair world, Liudmila.

  5. ;))) If we look at it as at a fair, it would become so -maybe.


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