Thursday, July 17, 2008

How To Avoid Heat Problems In Summer

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Summer is so nice when you have to go swimming! But not so too beautiful when you have to walk some kilometers and specially if you have to go up the mountain under the sun and about 40°C -just what I have to do tomorrow, because tomorrow is my day to open the museum. I have to go down the mountain for about 2 km and than I have to go it up when I turn home.

Some weeks ago I felt bad in the middle of the way. Normally nobody stops here the car to take you up the hill, but that day I was fortunate: one boy took me in his car and I was saved.

Today I found advises of the doctors about the right behaviour in this period, I think they can be interesting not only for me.

If you see a person that has sunstroke, put him/her on the back with the head in the shadow, fan him to make his breath easier and give him water. Call doctors.

Very dangerous is alcohol befor swimming -even beer- because the sensitivity of the cardiovascular system is very high in this period. For this reason the heart can stop suddenly.

Excess of calories is bad too, that is why is better not to drink any drink with calories. That means you can drink water or tea. For the same reason is better to correct your diet and to eat possibly only vegetables and fruits. Wash them very carefully to avoid the intoxications. Meat and fish only well cooked. Visit Japanese restaurants only if you know that the fish will be really well cooked. The greatest problem in summer are intestinal intoxications.

An other problem are mushrooms. If you go to gather them you have to be specially careful in this period.


  1. The place you live in seem to be a quiet place! Should be nice!

  2. Don't forget your hat. With the nice Eueropean summer sceneries I think it is quite a joy to walk.

  3. I will wear myself as a Muslim tomorrow: with a very great headscarf that will cover my head and my shoulders. Now I finally understand why is this type of clothing very useful and good. :))) Maybe I'll convert to Muslim for summers now.


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