Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Apennines Landscapes Near Paestum

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Today I read an article by CNN about solar energy that will become affordable for everybody and remembered a photo I made when we turnd home from sea. It's unusual sight here in Italy. Sincerely I could not understand why a country with so much sun and wind as this don't uses it at all practically. There are not so much places where you can see something like this. And the solar batteries are not so often to find too.

It's a pitty, really. Everybody could put some batteries on the roof of the own house and produce energy to sell it to other countries, I think. I don't think they would cost soooooooo much for the monster of energy like Enel. Or for the Country. Maybe I'm not right.

I wanted to install solar batteries once when they spoke about governative help to the persons that want to do it. But it was not true. And the prices were so high, that I had to renounce. I would do it. And the article of CNN gave a hope to me. But I think it's not for Italy... unfortunatelly.


  1. I can't wait for solar energy to be used. It is supposed to be clean and hopefully cheap too. Over here, the people are complaining about the petrol price. I wonder if it is the same thing there.

  2. That is the reason why I don't understand: why not to create a national industry with this things. There is not petrol -well you don't need it. Use what you have: sun and wind. It's gratis. But I think petrol is comfortable for politics. That is why.


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