Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is It Servility Or Wissdom?

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Some of you will say maybe that this is a post for my other blog, "Animals As Friends" but the thoughts that come when I read about it are not about animals but about humans.

I read this notice different times today:

Scientists noticed a dolphin female that teaches other members of her group to move standing on the tail. It's something that the wild dolphins never do. It's a trick they learn in captivity. That female was ill 20 years ago and was recovered. She did not learn tricks but could see them maybe. And now she teaches others to do it. (photo)

I remembered a poem of Gotthold Ephraim Lessing in this context. I like this poem very much from the times of my study at the university.

Der Tanzbär

Ein Tanzbär war der Kett' entrissen,
Kam wieder in den Wald zurück,
Und tanzte seiner Schar ein Meisterstück
Auf den gewohnten Hinterfüßen.
"Seht", schrie er, "das ist Kunst; das lernt man in der Welt.
Tut es mir nach, wenn's euch gefällt,
und wenn ihr könnt!" - "Geh", brummt ein alter Bär,
"Dergleichen Kunst, sie sei so schwer,
Sie sei so rar sie sei,
Zeigt deinen niedern Geist und deine Sklaverei."

Ein großer Hofmann sein,
Ein Mann, dem Schmeichelei und List
Statt Witz und Tugend ist;
Der durch Kabalen steigt, des Fürsten Gunst erstieh
Mit Wort und Schwur als Komplimenten spielt,
Ein solcher Mann, ein großer Hofmann sein,
Schließt das Lob oder Tadel ein?(source)
The poem is about the Bear that runs away from the man and turns back in the forest. It shows the dance on the back legs, that learned during it's life on the cattle, to other bears and is proud that nobody can repeat this dance. One old Bear says: oh yes, it's the high art, it's very difficult, really. Shows your low spirit and servility.

Now, the thoughts I have reading these stories are: who is right -the dolphin-female or Lessing? I'm with Lessing. I think it's servility...


  1. I just think some animals are like man; just want to show off what they have learn!


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