Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Shakespeare's first "Theater"

Non all my life but many years of it I was sure that Shakespeare was not a single person but a sort of a special name for a group of persons. Scientists wrote about expertises of the texts and graphia and these followed a decision: they, texts, were written by different persons.

That is the information I had.

Now I read an article from BBC: archeologists found the foundation of the theater where the first plays of Shakespeare were presented. It was the first special theater building in London.

15 years after the "Theater" was built, a new artist, Shakespeare, come there. Here "Hamlet" was presented for the first time .

In 1598 the "Theater" was transfered to the other part of Thames and the other theater, "Globe" that you see on the photo I found in Wikipedia, was built.

Archeoloists knew about existance of this first theater but now they have finally the confirmation of it.

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  1. Over here, we learned that William Shakespeare is a person.

  2. At was at a time of school. But now there are different new researches.

  3. I am not surprised. History can be written and be rewritten. We only know the truth about ourselves!

  4. ...and maybe not alwayswe are 100% sure... ;-)))


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