Saturday, August 02, 2008

He Is Not Nacked -He Has A Sock!

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My friends send me these sorts of videos from time to time. And I tell you the truth -I like these performances. I coud never understand how they do it. Even if I heard the explanations.

This first video is, sincerely, not the best among them. Maybe the magician is young else. Once I've seen the women weared every time new classic dance and XVIII century clothes. It was more beautiful.

But now I wanted to show you these 2 videos to decise: who is the best. Italian or Chinese. Italian is not completely nacked as he says because he has one sock. But it seems he is faster ;-)))

So, who is the best?


  1. Ha ha! I can't figure out how they did that! Very funny :O)

  2. Incredible,mmm? One explained that they have all open on the neck, but even if it is so, it's wonderful how they do it. :)))


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