Sunday, August 03, 2008

Russian Roads

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These pictures made on 31/08/2006 goes round the internet from that day. I found them this time in this collection of 5 mostly dangerous roads in the world. Here is the explanation of what you see there:
The official federal-government highway to Yakutsk, and it is also the only one to get there. This can turn into a major humanitarian disaster during rainy spells, when the usual clay covering of the road turns into impassable mud blanket, swallowing trucks and tractors alike.
How long I remember myself but the greatest glassics of all times write about it ever, and the proverbs tell it too: The biggest problem in Russia are the roads and... well,the next part of the proverb is only for Russians.


  1. It is a real challenge to travel on such roads, like almost impossible.

  2. Sincerely I don't understand how they had to travel in these conditions.

  3. I agree with Fatiah, by the looks of it, the roads don't seem dangerous but impossible to traverse as well....

  4. I think THIS road would be impossible to make in other way because of klima and soil. I'm not sure, but this is a principal road for a "capital" of the region. If it would be possible to make it in other way, I think, they did it.

  5. Hi Ludmilla

    Well, the road for me is easier than in my country Philippines. Its not so easy there...ill tell you. So much dirt and rough road and the road is sticky also.

    Just doing my rounds here...

  6. Thank you for your comment. I'm happy to meet a new friend here.

    Maybe there is not Russia with eternal problem of "roads and idiots" (a russian proverb as old as the roads in Russia, I think) :)))


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