Sunday, November 16, 2008

What is Scasclik?

"Schaschlik" -in German is better, more clear the transcription. Seems that the word comes from Turkic "şişlik" and meens "spit". I think, there are similar plates in every stock-breeder nation.

It is one of the most popular foods in Russia. Russians think it comes from Caucasus. Sure is that there is nobody who knows do it better. The photo I made in Sochi near one of the open restaurants on the river. I asked the man to pose but forgot to ask his name. Now I think it's not very good that he is without name here.

Everybody makes shashlik on own way but rarely you find something delicious. I asked the "aboriginals" Larissa and her husband Misha to discover the roules of good shashlik. Here lower is their recipe.

You have to cut pieces of meat (we spoke about pork but originally shashlik is made from mutton that smells not very good) 5-7 cm, long the fibre.
Sprinkle salt and than spices over the table, put pieces of meat over them, than sprinkle salt and spices.
If you have 3 kg of meat, take 1,5 kg of onion cut in circles and put it in a heap over the meat. Sprinkle salt and spices. Squeeze onion, lay it out on the meat. Sprinkle a little (50 ml) of red young housewine. Mix all and leave for 30 minutes.

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  1. In Germany we don't have any problems with schaschlik. We have meat enough in different kinds and tastes. So we every offen have barbecue in summer and eat schaschlik. The problem is: it is sometimes too much schaschliks.

  2. ;))) Great problem, if everybody in this world could have it! :)

    As for me, there is great difference in tastes. In other words: there is shashlik and shashlik. And the problem is -for me- to find shashlik as I like it.

  3. mm..Look tasty and remind me of a local food here..look the same, only smaller, very much smaller...

  4. SMALLER????????? Ah, yours is smaller? This is a little to big as normal too. But it depends from the men.
    Footiam, you HAVE to write about that your local shashlik! Imagin it will have some special ingredients.

  5. Have thought of writing about that when I read your post on Scasclik. But will have to go out and eat some first!

  6. Oh, I know what you have to do: give me the telephone number of that nice girl, I'll call her and give her this idea to call you for another trip!


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