Sunday, November 30, 2008

Woman Driver

This post is about me. Two days passed but I can't become calm after I had to drive home our car from Neaples.

Everybody can laugh about women drivers. Here I offer you two videos to make you smile. I smile with you. Because it's not me.

If it's not enough for you here is the other case. Well, it's not about driving but about stupidity, I think.

My husband is terribly afraid to make me drive. That is why he tells me what to do and to learn it when HE is driving. I am more afraid to drive if he is near me. Because he crys and does many stupid things. I become hysteric when I have to drive and he is in the car. And it's dangerous. So I prefere to drive when I'm alone. Normally I'm cauteous.

But that night -it was the night- everything went bad. First of all I could not go out from the parking. I went out from the parking place and continue the way I had to go but the pass was occupied with a car. So I went back -and I did it! till my place but I could not continue in that very strange pass to drive backwards!

I asked policeman what I have to do, but he said it's not his part of the street. I went to the owners of the parking. They laughd about me! Because I did not know go backwards and against the driving direction till the exit.

But the best had to begin else. Because I had to drive the motorway (highway? I don't know the right word). I don't know why I'm alive till now. First of all I don't see good in the night. And the motorway has not lights. The most important thing on the way when I drive is the central line. Because my very ultimate aim is to take the car inside this line and the side line. It means for me, that I do not cross the way to other cars. And they are more brave and can bypass me if they want. If not -it's their own problem. But I'm fast enough.

So, when I come on the motorway I find somebody's back for me and go behind him all the time. And I prefere lorries. It's very comfortable. First, if he can pass the very eng passes of this way that is always brocken for the most part, so I'm sure I'll do it too. Than, all other drivers are afraid of them and respect them. So, I feel protected behind his large back. Finally, he sees the holes and other obstacles, avoids them -and I do the same. It's my general strategy.

But this time I was not fortunate. Night, rain, I don't see the signs over the road. So I went in other direction. Turned back, found the airport, exit from the airport -and took the mistaken direction once more. This time I was I don't know where. But there was an exit from this highway, I remembered where I am and could turn back in the airport. Third time I entered that ... airport, found that exit without problems and remembered where is the entrance on the motorway in my direction.


It seemed to be the fortune finally for me. But my joy was too early. In one of the divarications I saw where I have to go only when I went in the direction of Rome. It was terrible. Other cars flew around me to Rome but I had to change the way. And I practically crossed the highway from one part to the other. I don't know why I'm alive else. But in this moment there were not cars in my direction.

Do you remember? Night, rain.
When I finally went out from that tangle and entered my direct way there was an other accident there. I passed them 3 or 4 or 5 that evening, the cars were as tablets. That tangle is very dangerous. Napoletans are very undisciplined and thoughtless drivers. And there are always different accidents near Naples.

Why I wrote all this? Maybe I want to forget. To find excuses. To find powers to drive out tomorrow. It's unpossible to reach any place without a car from here. I don't think somebody can read this, but maybe I don't need that you read. I HAVE TO drive tomorrow. And I have to turn home alive and to avoid accidents. Not only tomorrow. One month. My God, I have to do it...


  1. I'm glad that I don't drive. I find that other drivers are very careless most of the time!

    The videos made me laugh :O)

  2. :))) Even if it is not good from MY (MY!!!) side, I laugh always when I watch photos and videos about women drivers.

    Unfortunatelly we live in a place where it's unpossible to go out without a car. Otherwise I would never drive.

  3. Sometimes, it's a matter of practice. It makes one perfect!

  4. ...if one remains alive till that time... ;)))


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