Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What Is This Attraction?

One blogger wrote about the Law of Attraction. The main thoughts of the very short post were these:

We radiate (energy? elettromagnetic?) waves when we think. These have their frequency. After some time these waves turn back to us. When I have good things and good mood, I interpret the other persons in good way, when I have bad mood, I see only bad around me. I attract to me what I think.

Here is my comment to this explanations:

«Притяжение» на Яндекс.Фотках

1/ I noticed 2 reactions of other persons when somebody has good mood.
First. Persons can have good reaction seeing your happy face if they think you smile to them.
If they think your smile is general (you are simply happy) it can even provoke agression.

Second. A happy person attracts humans with bad intentions -often. They probably think that happy=stupid and, if not stupid, somebody who can be easily "treated" in the way they want. To sell something, as example. Take Testimonials of Jehova. When they begin to speak with you try to show them that you are happy today (generally). You will understand what I'm speaking about.

2/ As for me, I noticed contrarious. When I begin to meet somebody or something "special" (normally negative) frequently, it's a sign for me, that I'll have this "special effect" in my family shortly. It is like blinking light for me, a warning.
Maybe it is not the same as Law Of Attraction.

From other side, if my thoughts are waves, there is possibility to transfere them in this or that direction. After training...

Have you examples from the life of this Law?


  1. I like to believe that we radiate energy. That makes sending metta to people possible.

  2. It would be better if we could send some of people very-very far in this way. He/she feels my energy and goes away without making me nervous. :)))


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