Saturday, November 22, 2008

And They Lived Happy Till...

Maybe you will blame me for these thoughts. This post with it's beautiful photos of the marriage celebrations is called by different tragedies that happend in the last days in Italy. A notice of this morning: one father of a family (about 45) shooted down his wife (42) and after her 3 sons -3, 6 and 9 years old. Normal, happy family. Happy man. Well, it was a little problem in the last time with them. The wife did not sleep in her husband's bed. And looked for an other house.

Italy is too little, that is why we hear this sort of terrible stories every day. Journalists began even to ask psychologists about the reasons of these mad behaviour. They found cases when the murder is a woman that can't tolerate problems in the life and decide to solve them this way.

I looked at these fairies from fables on my photos now. We look for always more and more extreme emotions, events -and always more and more extreme "happy ends"...


  1. It is very tragic when people can't cope with problems in life.

  2. Sometimes I think that there was a very great, deep reason in femminism. The only problem is that the man did not accept this idea -at least in their souls.

  3. That is supposed to be made in Heaven. Now, how can I believe in it. Thanks to your story!

  4. Unfortunatelly, news are full of this sort of stories here in Italy. Fast everyday.


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