Sunday, November 09, 2008

"Blogger" Sufferings

One friend suggested me to switch to own domain with Blogger some days ago and I did it with 2 of my blogs. Those will be (available after 3 days, from 12 Nov.) and
Beautiful sensation to be an OWNER of ".com". Yes. BUT.

Now, I feel me so incredibly stupid, because I can't understand how it works and what is the difference between free Blogger and paid Blogger.

The same blog with the same possibilities except the own mail. And nobody explains how, hell, these mail works. For example, there is a "mailing list" -nice. I was so happy, I wanted to send the newsletter from this "mailing list". Nothing to do Seems it is only a list. Than, groups. I'm not able to understand how can I add addresses to these groups (After the "mailing list" did not worke I tryed to go from that side). And the newsletter I have to send manually to 40 persons!!! By the way, is it possible to send that newsletter writing it only 1 time, adding all the addresses once but that everybody receives only own address and not all the list of addresses?

I will explain the reason. Some of my friends have this good idea to send mails to all the list they have in their mail programm. And their friends make the same too. THAN those who receive these lists of addresses send other "important" mails to all that addresses. Bad, you know, it's bad to be full of that "important" spam.

But this is not a main problem with Blogger in this period. The greatest problem is

I lose the list of my bloggers-friends just from the second blog!!!!!!!

Those were widgets of Blogger with that beautiful list of blogs where you can see not only the name of the blog but the last posts too. I liked it so much and transfered all the addresses in these widgets. First it disappeared from "Diary" and now from "Lazy Yogi" too.

Dear Friends, please, write me your addresses here, at least all the url-s of your blogs. I can find them in my "papers"... What a bad story...

Maybe somebody will be so good with me to give me some advises on this way of sufferings? I wanted the 3 columns template that works and maybe good widgets...


  1. My friend told me that if you have your own domain, you will be taken more seriously if you are writing sponsored posts. Sometimes,I am tempted to have one too but i DON'T UNDErstand how it works. So, I just forget about it to end the sufferings.

  2. Unfortunatelly I don't undersdtand too, but for me it is very important to have possibility to earn money...

  3. I can't give you any advice on Blogger unfortunately. I moved to WordPress. Can you not set up a mailing list in your email programme? If you set up a 'group'of addresses, then place it into 'BCC' field, put your own address in the 'to' field, no addresses will show up in the email header.

    Sorry I couldn't help more.

  4. Thank you, Babette, I did not know how it works with the post. I did not use newsletters and groups before. Hope I'll be able to understand the other things too.


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