Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wisteria For My Dear Friend Angela

This week was too difficult for me, I try to make the next step to my dream to create for me better living, indipendance and a place of job. It's completely new and stranger way for me, so I'm completely abstracted from all the world now.

But the life goes forward, the spring too. And even if we have anomalous cold this year, it's time of wisterias already.

And when the glicines flower is the time of one of my internet-friends, the person I began this blog with -and she is one of those who can add posts here, even if she never uses do it... So, Angela had her glicine-birthday this week
Happy Birthday, Angela!
This splendid flowering of Wisteria is for you!

This last photo is W. floribunda 'Rosea' and Common Wisteria behind it. The flower of common Wisteria was about 21 or 28, I just forgot now the measures I did. This flower of "Rosea" is 42 cm long and the same flowers are bigger.
I have 4 special sorts of Glicine. A flower of one of them can reach 2 meters. The other is a little shorter. But they did not gift me their flowers this year else. Probably becuse the place is too cold for them from that part of the house.
All different sorts of Glicine you can see on this site


  1. The flowers lights up the place. Flowers are wonderful!

  2. You are the first man I know that likes flowers, Footiam.

  3. Oh!These are gifts of nature! I like animals too!

  4. I maybe prefer animals: they are more clear to understand.

  5. Wow so many flowers, nice photos..

  6. This year is really special. Maybe because it's raining always and it's relatively cold till now.

  7. The wisterias are beautiful. From now till around September I believe Europe is a lovely place with flowers everywhere. We don't have nice sceneries. There are too much concrete here, our houses which are typically blocks and blocks of stones and bricks and you find animals only in zoo.

  8. :))) My dear Fatiah, when I lived in the cities, I had the same life. All cities in all the world are equal, I think. Without life.

    I went to work in the morning in all hurry because I went out of the house always in the last minute. And I turned home often in the night, because our school had too much pupils and was open till the night.

    I dreamed about a village and the Good God gave it to me at the end.
    Do you think I'm greatful for this gift? No, I wanted to live in the city now...

  9. Ha..ha..typical of human always thinking the grass on the other side is greener than ours. We will only know the truth when we experience it.

  10. You are right, Fatiah. Isn't it the mode to provoke creativity?


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